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PLUSworld.ru is a leading specialized information protal.
The current base of PLUS Journal subscribers and visitors of PLUSworld.ru information portal, as well as strong business ties we have built for almost 20 years of work allow us to deliver information directly to top managers including directors, vice presidents and vice chairmen of financial institutions, production and technological companies, mid-level managers directly involved in preparing and taking long-term decisions associated with the implementation of certain projects in banks and other commercial and government entities.
PLUSworld.ru information portal is presented in:
• RamblerТОР100, Newspapers & Magazines section
• mail.ru ТОР100, Mass Media – Magazines section

PLUSworld.ru is a member of Yandex.News partner program
PLUSworld.ru monthly audience:
• over 80,000 visits
• over 3,500 visits on business days, over 1,100 visits on week-ends

The main part of PLUSworld.ru visitors represents the most active age category: 25 to 55.

PLUSworld.ru information portal is a dynamically developing resource that arouses keen interest of market players, which is evidenced by the low bounce rate (0.16) and the number of page views (10-12 pages on the average), and the average time on site exceeding 4 minutes.

The database of PLUSworld.ru registered users in social media::
over 700 Twitter followers, over 200 friends in Facebook.

The database of subscribers to PLUS-daily news service includes more than 14,500 users.

These figures are growing dynamically!

Number of banner views
Every month more than 100,000 views of banner ads are displayed to the portal users. You can use PLUSworld.ru marketing opportunities by placing a banner on the web-site or in the daily newsletter, becoming a column sponsor and etc.

Banner advertising on PLUSworld.ru:
1. Banner 1,000 x 60 px in the site header with automatic expansion up to 1,000 х 240 рх during the first page visit, visible on all web-site pages.
2. Banner 518 х 102 px expandable to 204 px upon mouse over. Home page
3. Banner 468х60 px in the central section of page, visible on all web-site pages .
4. Banner 120х240 px, left section of the page, visible on all pages.
5. Banner 300х100 px, interior pages of the web-site, on the right, under PLUS and R&L Journals Preview section
6. Banner 300х100 px, interior pages of the web-site, on the right, under Most Viewed section
7. Banner in PLUS-daily and PLUS-event newsletters mailing (over 14,500 subscribers) 507 х 49 px
8. PLUS-daily column sponsor. Banner 234 х 60 px in the PLUS-daily section, in each news header on the portal and in PLUS-daily newsletter mailing.
9. Banner 234х60 px in the header of subject-related news section on PLUSworld.ru home page, namely:
• Payment industry news
• Remote banking services
• Mobile financial services
• Technologies and solutions
• Service infrastructure
• Security and ID
• Self-service
• Public services
• Cash circulation
• Transport projects
• FSU countries
• Research and reviews
• Exhibitions and conferences
Every day PLUSworld.ru editorial board receives industry news from around the world. You can join the leading global newsmakers by sending your news to news@plusworld.ru
We understand cooperation not as a one-time advertising activity on the web-site, but as a comprehensive strategic partnership aimed at delivering your information to as many key market players as possible!
Your material shall be incorporated into the information stream of PLUSworld.ru portal in such a manner that the material is, first of all, noticed, and then read (preferably, to the very end). To ensure that, your material should be distinguished amidst all the others.
We offer the following options to distinguish your material:
1. Supporting the news with subject-related and unique illustrations
2. Sponsorship of the PLUS-daily news service and PLUSworld.ru news-related sections
3. Keeping the corporate company blog up-to-date
4. Banner advertising
We are sure that our cooperation will be fruitful and mutually beneficial, because we have three essential things for that: experience, expert power, and reputation!
Contact us! We can offer various creative options of advertising! Your company ads won’t go unnoticed!
Tell us about your marketing tasks and our professional team will offer you optimal cooperation options.
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