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17:23, 17 September 2019 Количество просмотров 84 views
Biometric fare collection in Moscow metro: date of pilot launch announced
According to Maxim Liksutov, Head of Moscow Transport Department, a pilot face recognition system for fare collection in the Moscow metro can be introduced by the end of 2020.
17:20, 17 September 2019 Количество просмотров 80 views
Herman Gref: banks wishing to develop should up classic strategies
Delivering an open lecture in Novosibirsk, Sberbank Head Herman Gref said that modern banks need replace classical development strategies with transformation into technology companies and ecosystems.
18:14, 10 September 2019 Количество просмотров 162 views
Banks tested QR-payment via FPS
Promsvyazbank (PSB), SKB Bank and Russian Standard Bank made Russia’s first ever purchases through FPS using a dynamic QR code.
18:16, 5 September 2019 Количество просмотров 209 views
E-passports to be equipped with Mobile ID technology
According to a participant of the meeting of the Task Force on Digital Public Administration at the ANO Digital Economy held on 22 August, MNOs suggested equipping e-passports with the Mobile ID technology for remote...
18:13, 5 September 2019 Количество просмотров 206 views
Cyber threat intelligence sharing platform helped banks prevent 8bn ruble loss
BI.ZONE and the Association of Banks of Russia have summarized the results of the first year of operation of the cyber threat intelligence sharing platform that already includes some 70 financial institutions.  
16:59, 28 August 2019 Количество просмотров 342 views
TRUSTECH 2019 will call together professionals of the industry in Cannes in November.
From 26 to 28 November 2019, professionals of the cards and digital trust technologies industry will be taking centre stage at the Palais des Festivals in the prestigious setting of Cannes / French Riviera.
16:55, 28 August 2019 Количество просмотров 307 views
Mastercard to launch over-the-phone cross-border transfers in Russia
Mastercard plans to launch a service allowing phone numbers to be used for card-to-card cross-border transfers in Russia.
16:49, 28 August 2019 Количество просмотров 288 views
Bank of Russia to use open APIs for integration with EEU banks
The Bank of Russia together with the central banks of the EEU countries is developing a pilot project related to open APIs.
16:22, 23 August 2019 Количество просмотров 472 views
Fintech without borders. Digital Eurasia ”- a new international platform starts in the CIS capital
In November Minsk will host delegates from the International PLUS-Forum.
17:09, 20 August 2019 Количество просмотров 386 views
Bank of Russia to implement open APIs forcibly and quickly
Last week, the Bank of Russia disclosed their vision of open APIs development in the banking sector at a hushed meeting with bankers held at the Fintech Association.
17:00, 13 August 2019 Количество просмотров 515 views
Fare payments go contactless at Moscow land transport
Mosgortrans, the main operator of the Moscow passenger transport system, will equip all city routes with a new type of validators to pay fares using a card or smartphone by early September.
17:01, 7 August 2019 Количество просмотров 716 views
WIZZIT receives global accreditation for their payment authentication product
Banks are losing billions of dollars a year to the exponential increase in payment fraud. The reputational risk for banks could be crippling.
09:40, 29 July 2019 Количество просмотров 659 views
State Duma adopts amendments related to non-resident payment systems operation
The State Duma adopted, in the third reading, a law imposing a number of requirements on the e-wallets and other electronic payment instruments issued by foreign payment service providers (AliPay, WeChat, etc.)...
10:00, 25 July 2019 Количество просмотров 600 views
Russia’s Mir card transactions exceed one billion within six months
In the first half of 2019, Russians made over 1 billion interbank transactions using their Mir cards – more than twice as much comparing to the same period last year.  
09:56, 25 July 2019 Количество просмотров 639 views
E-passports issue to begin in July 2020
The paper passports will cease to be issued in 2022, says Deputy Prime Minister Maxim Akimov.
16:23, 15 July 2019 Количество просмотров 706 views
McDonald's to open at Sberbank
Sberbank and McDonald's intend to open joint points of service by the end of 2019, says First Deputy Chairman of Sberbank Alexander Vedyakhin.
16:20, 15 July 2019 Количество просмотров 700 views
Visa reduces fees for small card acceptors
From July 9, the international payment system Visa launches a one-year pilot project to reduce merchant fees to 1% for small outlets and stalls.
17:53, 8 July 2019 Количество просмотров 813 views
Bank of Russia expects non-cash payments in Russia to account for 80% in four years
The share of non-cash payments in Russia is expected to reach 80% in four years, said First Deputy Governor of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation Olga Skorobogatova, speaking at the International Financial...
13:08, 8 July 2019 Количество просмотров 727 views
Sberbank Defends Titles of the Most Valuable and Strongest Russian Brand
Sberbank tops the Brand Finance Russia 50 ranking of the country’s most valuable brands yet again as its brand value increases 26% to ₽842.2 billion
09:38, 2 July 2019 Количество просмотров 831 views
Bank of Russia to send financial messages to non-bank client legal entities
The State Duma adopted in the third reading a bill that empowers the Bank of Russia to send financial messages to Russian and non-resident legal entities for a fee.
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