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Payments 2025: announced the key topics of April PLUS-Forum next year

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payments2025_en.jpgThe 11th International PLUS-Forum, the largest and much awaited event for the banking sector and payment service market, will take place in Moscow on 22-23 April, 2020.

The Forum is focused on the analysis of the current state and development of the retail banking, payment industry and remote services in Russia and globally.

Major Russian and international companies operating on the Russian market and top speakers have already confirmed their participation in the event.

With the audience growing year by year, the PLUS-Forum 2019 was attended by over 1,500 delegates from more than 20 countries, including Argentina, Austria, Germany, Belgium, Great Britain, Iraq, China, USA, Belarus, Tajikistan, Moldova, and more

The key topics of the PLUS-Forum next year will be the following:

• Banks in a digital society. The ongoing shift in business concepts and its implications. Scenarios and forecasts

• Development of national payment systems. Integration. Areas of interaction

• Fraud monitoring and chargebacks in FPS. The relevance and possibility of consumer rights protection within the framework of payment system services

• Tendencies and prospects of the online payment market. New payment models in e-commerce. Innovative IT Platforms

• Fintech trends in Russia and globally. Digital transformation of banking and payment market

• Open Banking. Open APIs. Using the best international practices

• Payment services in the housing and utilities sector as an important component of the competitive ecosystem

• Acquiring in transit projects. The entry of payment systems into low-margin markets as a long-run trend. Hype or economically meaningful actions?

• eSports – a new promising segment of the payment market. Fintech solutions and business cases

• Bookmaker business and payment industry. Interaction concepts and practices

• National digital currencies. Goals, objectives and implementation tools

• Microfinance market yesterday, today, tomorrow. A “snowball" of problems and queries. Legislative and technological transformation of the industry

We invite speakers and vendors to take part in the event. Let us know about your decision via email: konstantin@plusworld.ru / tel .: +7 925 005 40 05 (Konstantin Grizov, Deputy Chairman of the PLUS-Forum Steering Committee).

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The PLUS-Forum is an ideal opportunity to present your solutions and products to the target audience, whatever format of participation you choose. Hurry up to take your place among the market leaders!

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You can get registered as a delegate here. Hurry up, limited number of seats available!

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To date, the following companies have confirmed their support for April PLUS-Forum as sponsors and partners: QIWI, EKRAN-SERVICE, Thales, nChiper, DNA Distribution, OSTKARD, Skantek, Wuxi Juyao Plastic Technology, Dataphone, Regula.

Official Forum Hashtag: #ecomforum